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About Emily

I’m excited you’re here! In your health journey, when the usual habits and routines fall short, and you crave a positive change, I extend an invitation:

Are you ready to feel good again?


What if your approach to nutrition not only helped you achieve your health goals but also empowered you to build a positive, lasting relationship with food?


Are you ready to break free from the cycle of restrictive diets and embark on a transformative journey toward sustainable, holistic well-being?


Ready to discover a wellness path that not only addresses your immediate health concerns but also propels you towards a future of vitality, balance, and nourishment?

As your personal nutrition guide by role is to my educate, empower and help you find the balance you crave.<br />

My Story

Growing up in a farming family in Idaho, my meals were dominated by meat and baked potatoes with regular indulgences of candy (watermelon gummies to be exact) and Pepsi. It wasn’t until I entered nutrition school that the profound realization struck: the food I consumed had a monumental impact on my well-being. Dealing with acne, poor digestion, and low energy in my early 20s, I connected the dots and recognized that my diet played a pivotal role in hindering my vitality. The journey through nutrition school was nothing short of eye-opening. Making a few intentional changes unleashed what felt like a superpower, transforming my health and inspiring a passion for guiding others on their wellness journeys.

Life has this crazy way of leading us to where we belong, doesn’t it?

The path that led me into the realm of wellness is profoundly personal and marked by tragedy. I choose to share this story because I’ve discovered that vulnerability holds the key to unlocking immense potential in both ourselves and the connections we form. Following a tragic airplane crash that claimed the lives of my father, Bill, and both of my brothers Ben and Andy, I’ve spent 18 years navigating the journey of healing.

The grief, the loss, the tragedy, and the healing are all part of who I am. These pieces were a catalyst to my appreciation for the unseen world, meditation, spiritual connection with my family, yoga, and the transformative power that extends beyond the surface of our experiences. If you would like to learn more, I invite you to read my story here.

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This isn’t just ‘self-care’

Prioritizing your well-being isn’t just an act of self-care; it’s a profound commitment to showing up fully in every aspect of your life. By investing in your health, you cultivate the resilience needed to be present for your family and loved ones, to pursue your passions, and to excel in your professional endeavors.

The Evolution of NourishMint Wellness

2005: Bachelors of Science in Psychology

I graduated from the University of Idaho with a major in Psychology and a minor in Dance Education.

2006: Certified as a Yoga Instructor

I fell in love with yoga in my very first class. I knew in that moment I wanted to teach, and that yoga would be a huge part of my life forever.

2007-2009: Love Story

In the midst of a soul searching adventure in Botswana, I met the man of my dreams, Gregg. Our love story unfolded and in 2008 we were married.

2011: Certified Nutritionist

I attended nutrition school in Encinitas, CA and certified as a clinical nutritionist and holistic health counselor.

2013: The birth of my business and my first child

In March of 2013 I launched NourishMint Wellness. A few weeks later we welcomed our son Daniel into the world.

Emily Yoga Instructor

2014: Certified as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

Through this program, I gained expertise in the intricacies of lab work, enabling me to offer more profound support to clients dealing with food intolerances, GI issues, and hormone balance.

2015-2017: Created DIYcleanse / Food Freedom /40 Weeks of Pregnancy

Residing on a mountain in Idaho with two little ones, I transitioned my nutrition career to the online sphere, crafting nutrition projects. From DIYcleanse (the cleanse for those who hate cleansing) to Food Freedom (a wellness program tailored for women seeking to foster a positive relationship with food) and 40 Weeks of Your {Healthy} Pregnancy (an online guide for expectant moms, curated from the viewpoint of a clinical nutritionist and holistic mom), each venture reflects my passion for accessible and transformative wellness.

2017: Moved to Bozeman and worked at Spring Integrative Health

Upon reaching Bozeman, I discovered the profoundly beautiful and supportive community at Spring Integrative Health. For 2.5 years, I collaborated with some of the world’s most exceptional naturopathic doctors, contributing to a dynamic and enriching professional experience.

2019: Hosted the first MUSE wellness Retreat

Following years of envisioning, we brought our dream to life by organizing a wellness retreat in Bozeman. Collaborating with three other entrepreneurs, we orchestrated two retreats specifically designed to foster a sense of community among women. These retreats centered around mutual support, healing, meditation, yoga, and holistic wellness.

2019: Created the Ignite Life Project

In 2019, Dr. Alisun Bonville and I initiated the Ignite Life Project, a program tailored for the overwhelmed and stressed-out woman on the verge of burnout. Presently, we continue to actively run this program, providing ongoing support and empowerment.


Opened the NourishMint Wellness Juice Bar! After dreaming about this since becoming a nutritionist, I took the leap of faith and started blending juice creations for my friends, family, clients and the community of Bozeman!

Emily Juice Bar
Potter family 2023


Dream weaving and juggling a beautifully full life in Bozeman. Kids, sports, juice bar, clients, wellness retreats, friends, family, hiking, fishing and playing make my life full and exciting 🙂