I support women to feel the energy they were born to have, to find balance through conscious living, and to feel WELL every single day of their lives. 

EMILY POTTER , Clinical and Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Co-Founder of DIY CLEANSE, Mom, Yogi and CACAO NIBS addict

Nourishing your body shouldn’t feel like swimming against the current on a daily basis, but it DOES to so many people. We live in a world where healthy living is a battle. We are bombarded with processed foods, heavy marketing and so many challenges that come with keeping you and your family healthy. I was inspired to become a nutritionist by my grandmother who lived to be 99. She grew a garden every year, farmed and lived off the land, enjoyed the simple things in life, raised 7 awesome kids and celebrated every Christmas with LOTS of homemade candy. I learned from her how to live a life in balance. I hope to inspire and teach my clients that same balance, joy for living, and overall healthy lifestyle.

My story has a tragic start, but a happy ending.

The summer after graduating college with a B.S in psychology I moved to New York City to chase my dream of becoming a professional dancer. I was in NYC two short months when I experienced the worst day of my life. The same day of my first professional audition was the same day I received a tragic phone call from my mom. My father and two brothers who were flying a private airplane to a family reunion in Idaho had crashed. The plane crashed… and… no survivors. For the next hours, days and weeks it took all that I had to just breathe.


I remember my mom and I looking at each other in the morning and knowing that if we had the courage to get up and put our mascara on, we knew we could get through one more day together. I lived one day at a time. Day by day. Week by week.  In my confusion, devastation, and horror I was looking for a distraction.

That was when I stumbled into my first yoga class. For the first time in months, I felt my body and my breath again and with this awareness, I was able to soften and relax into a moment of comfort. It was this yoga class that dramatically changed the direction of my life. I immersed myself in yoga, and that healing and connection I felt from yoga lead me down the path to holistic wellness and nutrition. Grief is a lonely place to be, and it took me years to see a blue sky instead of a gray sky. I like to think that though it was a horrific experience that changed me profoundly, it has given me the gift of a new and unique perspective. I believe when life gets hard, it can be very revealing, and I think it dramatically changed how I show up in the world. My life experiences has brought me to this place where I can connect with others. Pain is pain, no matter how severe. I use this unique tool to help women feel supported and to create balance and peace in their lives through a new perspective, holistic nutrition, yoga and mindfulness.

12 years later, I can say that this tragedy dramatically changed my life and shaped the person I am significantly. I have tried to take these life experiences and spin them into something positive with forward momentum. I am reminded of the loss every day, but am also reminded of the amazing men I had in my life and how lucky I was for 23 years with them. I believe that in a way losing them has made me a more passionate and more compassionate person. When I work one on one with clients, I feel this passion drives me to be the best practitioner I can be, and to relate to my clients to the best of my ability. After all, coming in for a nutrition consultation is often not just about nutrition. Working with me means I will support you as a whole person. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And to me, this is the integrative approach to wellness.

To read more about my story in an in-depth interview, click here. To read an article I wrote of Mantra Magazine about this story click here. 


That you deserve to wake up each day feeling well


In eating real food from nature, and not from a colorful package


That when you focus your attention on wellness and balance you can drastically change your life


Food should be fun and you can experience true freedom when it comes to food


Balance is key


Taking time to breathe each day is the best thing you can do for your health.

NourishMint Wellness Credentials

2005 graduated from the University of Idaho with a B.S in Psychology

2006 Began my training as a 200RYT yoga instructor

2008 Married the man of my dreams from South Africa

2009 Started my first yoga business in South Africa

2011 Graduated as a Clinical and Holistic Health Counselor

2013 Launched NourishMint Wellness in Encinitas, CA

2014 Graduated as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P)

2015 Moved to Idaho and co-founded DIYcleanse with my business partner Tenley Molzahn

2016 Launched my first online group wellness program ‘Food Freedom’

2017 Introduced my online program ‘40 weeks of pregnancy’ for expectant moms.

2019 Co-hosted two MUSE Wellness Retreats in Bozeman Montana

2019-2020 Created ‘The Whole Life Makeover’ with Dr. Alisun Bonville

  • My handsome husband, Gregg
  • Being a mom to Daniel (6) and Scarlett (4)
  • Traveling to South Africa
  • Creating new healthy recipes
  • Wine and Moscow Mules
  • Green Juice and Acai bowls
  • Living my Montana life in Bozeman!