The holidays are just around the corner, and you know what that means… chocolate, cookies, fudge, wine, and a whole lot of permission to eat whatever you want. After all, Christmas only comes around once a year. I’m all about enjoying the holidays to the fullest, but in order to keep a healthy balance, every year I do a pre-holiday reset. You may think it’s best to wait until January to start a cleanse with your New Year’s resolutions, but I recommend doing this before your December calendar gets booked solid with the festivities of the season.

So why cleanse before the holidays? Clearing toxins from your system can dramatically reduce sugar cravings. If you can start your holidays without these cravings, it will be easier to enjoy those sweet treats in moderation, or as I tell my clients “dip without diving.” Cleansing will also boost your immune system significantly, helping you avoid that dreaded winter cold.

So, how do you dip without diving? When it comes to cleansing, I always suggest doing it in moderation. Often the word ‘cleanse’ comes with the stigma of starving on green juice and lemon water. That is hardly the type of cleanse I recommend. Instead, I suggest sticking to real food, eating when you are hungry, and tuning in to listen to your body. It’s as simple as eliminating energy depleting foods in your diet while adding in only whole foods with lots of organic fruits and veggies.
See below for you quick pre-holiday cleanse guidelines.

8 Tips for finding Balance during the Holidays

1. Commit to a week where your focus is healthy eating.
2. Eliminate the energy depleting foods like caffeine, gluten, dairy and sugar and alcohol.
3. Don’t forget about the power of hydration. Cleaning up the diet helps tremendously, but you need extra water to flush out the toxins.
4. Hit a hot yoga class. The skin is the largest eliminative organ, and sweating works wonders when it comes to detox.
5. Breathe! Here is another reason to get exercise into your daily life. Deep breathing not only oxygenates the blood, but alkalizes the body which definitely supports the body’s natural mechanisms to detox.
6. Grab a green juice. By incorporating greens into your diet daily it will promote blood purification, circulation, a strong immune system, and will help support the liver during a detox. For extra credit, take a wheat grass shot. Two ounces of wheat grass provides the same cleansing benefits of consuming 5 pounds of veggies.
7. Cleanse with friends. Having someone to keep you accountable will help significantly.
8. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Get in the kitchen, prepare some nourishing healthy food, and follow the rules. If you need extra support on a pre-holiday reset, check out this great 7 day cleanse that will guide you through resetting with ease.