Let’s be honest… it’s time for a little reset.


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The equinox is my favorite time to reboot the body and give your system a fresh start.

This is an ideal time to look inward and asses your needs from the inside out. Autumn in a time of shedding and letting go just like the colorful leaves on the trees. Symbolically, the equinox of autumn also has this meaning, and can be a beautiful time to give yourself a much needed reset, lose a few pounds and feel recharged for a new season.

The Equinox Detox

7 -21 days (you decide)| Clean eating | Juicing | Detox Supplements | High Vibe

Equinox Detox Guide +

3 day juice cleanse

NourishMint Equinox  cleanse



  • NEW Equinox herbal elixir
  • Morning Elixir
  • Vanilla Breeze (almond + cashew milk)
  • NourishMint Classic Green Juice
  • Orange Energizer
  • Love your GI
  • Beautiful Beet Cleanser
  • Evening Ayurvedic Detoxification Tea 

Equinox  cleanse Liver Tincture

This tincture is packed with anti-oxidants to support and detox the liver. This combination is also supportive to metabolic health! This can be added to water or drank through out the day.

  • Rosemary
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Chlorophyll
  • Ginger
  • Lemon
  • Raw Honey

Is it time to detox???

Feeling tired and run down?

Drank to much this summer?

Struggle with poor digestion?

Feeling mentally exhausted?

Desperate to feel more energy?

Hoping to lose a few pounds?

Ready to create healthier habits?

ready to replenish?

Tired of those dark circles under your eyes?


Detox Guide


Includes Equinox detox guide book + Menu + Detox strategy. ($39 VALUE)

equinox Detox +

3 day juice cleanse ($20 SAVINGS)


Includes 3 day juice cleanse ($177 VALUE)  + Equinox detox guide book + Menu + Detox strategy ($39 VALUE)

(*Bozeman, MT)

equinox Detox +

3 day juice cleanse +

28 day supplement protocol ($20 SAVINGS)


Includes 3 day juice cleanse ($177) + 1 month detox supplements ($128) + Equinox detox guide book. ($39 VALUE)

Equinox Detox 3 day juice cleanse + Supplement Protocol


I have used and trusted this supplement program for over 10 years. Detox all starts in the GUT and this  Bioclear Cleansing Program is based on a synergistic process focused on your gut microbiome. This includes three supplements that bring balance to your system through the key process of REMOVE, BIND, and RESTORE.

Supplement program $128 for 30 days.

I just did my first cleanse and it was GREAT! It was totally doable, and I woke up this morning feeling lean.

I have struggled with bags under my eyes for a while, and my under eye puffiness has been reduced!

How often can I do this?? I’m really happy with how my eyes look! Thank you!”

Hillary G

“ I love this cleanse because it feels so good to reset my body, mind, and energy reserve. I choose Emily’s cleanse because I trust her food sources and juicing methods and even more so, her good intentions and incredible amount of knowledge. It’s powerful knowing where your food comes from.

When cleansing, I feel light and energized and so well intentioned. It’s more than just the amazing nutrients you’re putting into your body, it’s a gesture of self love and that propels you during and after the cleanse.

I highly recommend this cleanse. It’s nourishing and truly delicious. A real treat!”

Hilary L.

MS Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

I just finished Emily’s 1 day cleanse and I’m THRILLED to say I’m down 3 pounds and feel terrific!!  It was so easy to do and super yummy.

I had just returned from a great vacation with my family and kids.  Lots of eating, drinking, and fun which is why I chose to do the cleanse.  I wanted to reduce my inflammatory load and get back to real-life living.  

Honestly, I felt GREAT!  I was surprised at how much energy AND clarity I had all day. 

I recommend Emily’s amazing cleanse to any and all who want to feel good and kick start their health journey!

Anneliese S.

Personal Trainer, Force Fitness

I suffer from digestive issues and the one-day cleanse gave me a bump in energy while soothing my digestive system.   The Mylk helped me feel full and relaxed at the end of the day. I recommend using the cleanse to help replenish when you are feeling dehydrated, bloated or just need a boost in energy. 

I felt nourished, energized, hydrated and replenished while drinking the juices.

The cashew almond ‘Vanilla Breeze Mylk’ helped me feel full and relaxed at the end of the day. I recommend using the cleanse to help replenish when you are feeling dehydrated, bloated, or just need a boost in energy. 

Melissa F.

Aviation Mgmt


Clinical and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, wife, mother of two, yoga teacher and crazy about green juice.

I’ve been dreaming about opening a juice bar for 10 years…

And I’m tired of dreaming!

I have been running my private nutrition practice NourishMint Wellness for the past decade, and love teaching others just how AMAZING they can feel in their own skin.

I have been creating smoothies, recipes, healthy kid food, treats, and a whole lot of fresh-pressed juice for years. It feels like a privilege to be able to share some of that homemade love through fresh pressed juice NOW!

You can read more about my story and other exciting projects I’m involved in here.


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