My clients ask me daily what supplements am I talking about right now to keep my immune system strong. Here is what is currently in my medicine cabinet! Please read below for other immune-boosting ideas.

Vitamin C. 1 capsule daily (1000mg each capsule)

Zinc. 2 capsules daily (30mg each capsule)

Glutathione. 2 capsules daily (175mg each capsule)

Vitamin D3. 2 capsules daily (1,000IU)

Methyl Guard Plus. 2 capsules daily (B complex)

Melatonin. 1 capsule before bed (5mg each capsule)

Q Best 100 (CoQ10) 2 capsules daily (100mg each capsule)

Other ways to boost the immune system:

Host Defense Mushroom Complex: Mushroom extracts offer comprehensive support for the immune system. This formula also has healthful enzymes, antioxidants, and prebiotics.

Make tea. Peel and grate some ginger root to make a tea. Boil the ginger for 10-15 minutes. Add fresh squeezed lemon and raw honey.

Hydrate. Drink lots of water. Also try dark elderberry juice, herbal tea and coconut water

Nurture yourself. Make sure you take time for yourself, doing whatever recharges you because this kind of thing feeds you better than any food. Our bodies speak our mind and respond to our emotions. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and anxious, it can manifest as a sore throat or a cold. When you’re happy, you’re far less likely to get sick. Take a hot detox bath with eucalyptus oil, and Epsom salts

Take a bath. Even if you feel warm like you have a fever coming in, that is a sign that your body is trying to fight. By taking a warm bath, it actually helps the body in this process and can promote a quicker recovery time

Foods to add in. garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, goji berries. Dark-colored produce (berries, kale, broccoli) tends to have the most immune-boosting nutrients.

Tumeric. This yellow spice increases levels of a protein that help the immune system fight off bacteria and viruses. It’s also a good source of manganese and potassium, which helps support immunity. This is also the number one anti-inflammatory food on the planet.

Medicinal Mushrooms. Shitake, maitake or reishi. Superstars in ancient Chinese medicine, mushrooms are powerhouses that actually stop germs from growing inside the body. They increase the body’s production of white blood cells, which are part of the immune system. They also contain selenium, a mineral that boosts the immune system. Or, pick up some ‘Life Shield Immunity’ by ‘new chapter’

Bone Broth: Broth is an excellent source of minerals and is known to boost the immune system. After all, before there was medicine, there was broth!

Tea Tree Oil. Spray tea tree oil in the shower vapors and inhale through the nostrils and mouth.
Raw Organic Honey. High in antioxidants and iron, this dark, rich honey is full of immunity-boosting properties.

Try Homeopathy. Cold Calm. Temporarily relieves cold symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion and minor sore throat. Safe for pregnancy.