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Client Success Stories

I did the cleanse yesterday! It was amazing. The juices are delicious and I slept so well last night and feel great today. I put the cashew milk in the freezer for a few hours before drinking. It was my “Mylkshake” dessert. 

I think I may need to make this a weekly/ or monthly habit. I’m telling all my friends

Lydia B.

Financial Advisor

I knew I needed to do something healthy for my body so I decided to try Nourishmint’s Juice Cleanse. Hesitant as it was my first time doing any kind of cleanse, Emily put my mind at ease by answering all of my newbie questions.  I felt healthier with the extra nutrients I gave my body and can’t wait for my next juice cleanse! 

Even though I thought I’d go hungry, the juices made me feel satisfied throughout the day.

I felt healthier with the extra nutrients I gave my body and can’t wait for my next juice cleanse!

Casey O

Documentation Manager

I love this juice cleanse because it’s such a healthy way to reset your diet! With Emily’s nutrition background, I knew the juices would be filled with nutrients and low sugar.

I always feel great after a cleanse. I feel energized, my skin looks great and I can tell I am hydrated. 

I would absolutely recommend a cleanse as a way to add to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Mary B.

Marketing Expert

I did the juice cleanse as a way to feed my body the nutrients I know it’s not getting due to my sporadic schedule and on the go lifestyle.

I did not use it as a meal replacement, but more of a supplement. I loved knowing I was getting the nutrients I don’t typically get with my diet, and I felt GOOD.

The juices were all delicious and even filling. I would highly recommend the cleanse to anyone on the go like I am, to anyone striving to be healthier, but not sure HOW to, and the convenience of Emily’s delivery was amazing. I intend to do this cleanse regularly and supplement it with some of her amazing recipes on her site!”
Jill S.

Real Estate Agent

I tried Emily’s juice cleanse because I was feeling tired, bloated, and gross. I needed a pick-me-up! I drank only her juices (plus a little keto-black tea in the morning) and felt awesome!

Often cleanse days will bring low-energy, but I have to say my energy was great all day! 

My favorite juice is the orange-carrot energizer, so delicious!  Now I do her one-day cleanse about once a month for a quick tune-up and I recommend this to anyone needing a quick lift and change-of-pace in their daily routine.
Alisun B.

Naturopathic Doctor, Spring Integrative Health

I did Emily’s 1 day cleanse to balance out a weekend of family fun that left me feeling bloated and sluggish. I’m not typically one to partake in cleanses that involve being hungry so when I saw the menu of juices, I knew this was a cleanse for me! 

I never once felt hungry or deprived and it left me feeling back to my normal vibrant self.

Emily’s juice recipes are so energizing and taste amazing. My 20 yr old son tasted the iced chai (Vanilla Breeze almond milk) and said it reminded him of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal! Coming from him this was a huge compliment! I will be doing this cleanse weekly from now on. It’s a wonderful reset any time of the week. As a holistic nutritionist, I highly recommend this cleanse for those looking to nourish and reboot the body.
Megan U.

Holistic Nutritionist, Business Owner , Glo Luxury Oils

       How it works

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Select the date you would like your cleanse delivered and receive it easily at your door.

Enjoy your cleanse, detoxify, and see your energy skyrocket.


Clinical and Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, wife, mother of two, yoga teacher and crazy about green juice.

I’ve been dreaming about opening a juice bar for 10 years…

And I’m tired of dreaming!

I have been running my private nutrition practice NourishMint Wellness for the past decade, and love teaching others just how AMAZING they can feel in their own skin.

I have been creating smoothies, recipes, healthy kid food, treats, and a whole lot of fresh-pressed juice for years. It feels like a privilege to be able to share some of that homemade love through fresh pressed juice NOW!

You can read more about my story and other exciting projects I’m involved in here.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in... but should I get the 1 day, 2 day or 3 day cleanse?

I suggest starting with a 1 day cleanse. That way you know how your body responds to the amazing juices! 

What is the difference between cleansing and replenishing?

The NourishMint juice cleanse was designed to replenish your body with nutrients. Since fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients, drinking fresh juice boosts the intake of vitamins, minerals, and other anti-inflammatory compounds that boost energy, immunity, and overall health.

 This cleanse can be used two different ways. 

1) Cleanse. You can treat it as a ‘traditional cleanse’ where you are just drinking the juices through out the day without food. If you get hungry, drinking bone broth is a great option. Many people feel energized and do really well on this type of cleanse.

2) Replenish. The good news is you can still cleanse while eating some food as well! This is typically my approach to cleansing. I call it ‘replenishing’ instead of cleansing. I will do my cleanse for breakfast/lunch and snacks (4-5 bottles of juice.) and then I will eat dinner with my family. I typically try to have something clean and light like a small piece of wild fish with some steamed veggies. You can still do a 3-5 day cleanse but enjoy a small amount of food as well.

What is cold pressed juice? is it better than using a regular at home juicer?

Whether it’s masticating, twin gear, or centrifugal juicers, they all have one thing in common: they extract juice by forcing the plants against a sharp screen. Many brands of screen extractors market themselves as “cold-pressed”, while they don’t actually contain a press at all.

These cold pressed juices go through a squeezing process.  The fruit is not forced against a sharp screen like other methods, it is entirely stationary— a gentle, natural process.

Can I cleanse at work?

Of course! Some people notice slight fatigue while cleansing which is a normal response from the body in detox mode. Many of my clients cleanse during work and feel great.  

what else can I be doing to support the detoxification process?

Drink LOTS of water!

Movement and exercise.

Showers alternating with hot/cold water.

Sauna, steam rooms or other ways to support sweating.

Other more indepth cleansing techniques include oil pulling or

dry skin brushing.

For more information, or for a customized nutrition consultation, please reach out!

Why do i need a cleanse in the first place?

Juicing increases our consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, beyond what we consume by eating alone. It allows our body to absorb nutrients without overwhelming our system with large amounts of indigestible fiber. Drinking juice should feel AMAZING in your body. Think increasing your body’s vibration!

Do you have other resources for cleansing?

Yes! I’m the co-founder of and in this e-book you will find a protocol and recipes for a methodical 7 day cleanse.  You can purchase the cleanse with your juice here!

what if i feel hungry?

Hunger varies greatly when people partake in a cleanse. Some people report they feel full most of the day, and some people feel hungry. If you are hungry, choose smart snacks like nuts/seeds, grilled salmon, sauteed veggies, bone broths, soups, or more water and tea!

What can I expect for my digestion?

Some people are afraid they are going to have dirhheah while cleansing. That is rarely the case. Your body is absorbing the redialy available nutrients and gently flushing toxins. If you feel constipated while cleansing, please email me for added nutrition guidence. 

Can i still work out on a cleanse?

YES. You might notice you are slightly more tired than usual, but remember, your body is PACKED with nutrition on cleanse days. Be sure to stay extra hydrated. If you feel tired or that you are to fatigued, adding in some nuts, seeds or protein of some kind can be helpful.

Help, I have never done a cleanse before. What should I expect?

Juicing is a great way to flood the body of nutrients, and minimal digestion is needed since you don’t have to break down the fibers. This equals max nutrient absorption. It can also boost your immune system, increase energy levels, reduce acid and overall toxicity in the body. Most people feel great doing a cleanse. There might be a few moments of hunger or fatigue, but your body is doing what it is suppose to do during a detox. If that doesn’t sound right for you, please the next FAQ about replenishing the body vs. cleansing the body. 

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