Have you ever stopped to think about what you are doing WHILE you are eating? I love this topic with clients as it is usually very eye opening. Try filling out this chart below. Say the center is ‘low or poor’ and the outside is ‘great, couldn’t be better.’ Where do you fall in each category?


I challenge my clients to one mindful meal a day. That means the only thing you are doing is… eating. Eating as an act alone.


Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 9.54.38 PM



Try these mindful eating tips next time you pick up your fork!

1. Sit down at the table
2. Ask yourself how hungry you are on a scale from 1-10.
3. Use smaller plates. Many of you have heard this advice, but have you tried it? Try. The results may surprise you.
4. Turn off the T.V. Nothing good can come of eating and watching television at the same time.
5. Eat dinner with friends or family a couple of nights a week. Eat slowly and talk.
6. Try to leave your desk for lunch. If you absolutely cannot, turn the computer around, clear the area in front of you, and don’t answer the phone. Enjoy your meal.
7. Make eating an act all by itself. No computer, reading, talking on the phone or television.
8. Put your fork or spoon down after every bite you take
9. Be aware of the types of conversation you are having with others while you eat.
10. Do not eat when upset.
11. Put snacks into bowls. Reaching into a bag or box can only lead to trouble because you will be totally unaware of the amount you are consuming.
12. Go for a walk before dessert. This will give you time to truly enjoy what you already ate, and help you decide it you really want anymore food.
13. Don’t eat while driving
14. Do not eat until you are overly full. Leave some room in your stomach to enhance digestion.
15. Sit quietly for a few minutes after you finish eating; do not immediately rush off to do the next activity of the day.
16. After you are done notice how the food you just ate is making your body feel.