Client Success Stories

Nothing is impossible

When I contacted Emily for a consultation in February, I had just been through an unsuccessful IVF cycle and was at the lowest of the low, struggling with weight loss, no energy, and simply did not want to get out of bed in the morning.

Emily was my last beacon of hope. Throughout the consultation, Emily was encouraging and very sympathetic to my situation. Emily provided me with simple changes to my diet and incorporated foods which are available in South Africa as well as supplements that were easy to find, the protocol was easy to stick to.

Within a week I could feel the change, I had more energy and felt and looked a lot better, within the first month I had lost 4kg and was ready to take on the world. Much to my complete surprise, I fell pregnant, after a few short weeks on Emily’s program.

Falling pregnant naturally was not something I thought possible as the doctors had assured me it was not possible. What an amazing blessing and what a testimony to the excellent work that Emily does. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and following Emily’s pregnancy plan, I look forward to a healthy and happy pregnancy thanks to Emily“I am so pleased to be working with Emily and her knowledge and encouragement. I know Emily lives out her own health advice and those benefits speak loudly to me.



South Africa

my best investment

“Working with Emily was the best investment in myself I could have made.

After years of feeling dismissed by various medical providers, i was Hesitant to try yet another thing.

I am so glad I did!  Our sessions were like meeting with a good friend, someone who ‘got’ me.  She understood my challenges and walked me through a robust program to help me understand them too so that I could grow past them.  I actually looked forward to meeting with her and took copious notes.  She also took copious notes that she emailed to me.  Months later, I still use her emails as references. 

I strongly recommend reaching out to Emily.

She’s knowledgeable, a wealth of information, empathic, humorous and impressively trustworthy.

 For one problem, she said she could absolutely help me but felt I’d be better served reaching out to another provider for more targeted support.  I know that she has my back and my best interest in mind.  In fact, the Dr. has recommended I work with Emily on another piece and I will be contacting her today.”

 Thank you so much Emily!


Amy L.

Bozeman, MT

Balance and Moderation

I had a very positive experience doing Emily’s 6 week wellness program. I still can’t believe how much my life has changed. I originally came to Emily for help losing weight and addressing the inflammation in my body. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia. When I first started seeing Emily I was taking Ibuprofen 3 times a day or an arthritis medication. I’m now taking Ibuprofen rarely and haven’t had to take the arthritis medication. The inflammation is down in my body along with the arthritic and fibromyalgia pain. In fact I haven’t had a fibromyalgia flare up since starting the program. My sleep has greatly improved as well.

The greatest gift however that Emily has given me is learning balance and moderation in my diet. I have shed so much guilt and negativity over what I eat and it’s been nice to allow myself splurges without it sending me into a downward spiral of poor choices.

I’m still a work in progress but I feel much more emotionally balanced and in control of my food choices. This is ultimately a lifestyle I can stick with for my life, no more obsession over counting calories or feeling guilty when I miss a day of counting. I’m eating more intuitively than ever and enjoying it. The weight is slowly coming off but I have faith that with the tools I have learned it will continue to come off. Thank you so much Emily!


Linda H.

Bozeman, MT

15 years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Miserable and lacking resources my physician set me up with a nutritionist. He said I needed someone to help me find new ways to eat to keep healthy. Unfortunately, celiac disease is not something that everyone understands. I remember the nutritionist pulling out the old standard food guide from the drawer. You know the one, the pyramid with the largest slice being whole grains and cereals. About half of what they told me I should be eating to maintain a healthy diet had gluten. So when I meet Emily 12 years later, I was skeptical to even mention I had celiac disease. I could not deal with another person that thought potatoes have gluten or white bread is ok, but wheat bread isn’t.

Within a few minutes of talking with Emily I knew she was well diverse on the battles people face with nutrition. Luckily for me I had meet Emily at this point in my life, I was secretly struggling to stay healthy and at my wits end. I was a model celiac; I never cheated and was always cautious with my food prep. Something else was going on. My doctor was concerned and begun testing me for secondary autoimmune diseases. My thyroid tests were all over the place, I was having issues with hyperesthesia and anemia and of course battling excessive fatigue.

Emily offered to share her knowledge and I began to heal. She taught me I had to replace what I couldn’t absorb and heal from within. Even with a gluten free diet, I still was at a disadvantage. My body was damaged. Emily put me on a GI protocol that changed everything! To this day I am so thankful for Emily and what she has done for me.   


Coeur d’ Alene, ID

Working with Emily  was just the shift I needed to set me down the right path toward changing my relationship with food. Through her program of making slow ‘upgrades’ I was surprised how little I missed things like sugar and dairy and how many wonderful foods were available to add to my diet. My body now craves green juice instead of cookies. I feel great, and feel very committed to continuing this lifestyle change.

Durban, South Africa

As full time yoga teacher, I set up a session with Emily to help me deal with fatigue, headaches, and dizzy spells.  Emily was able to give me practical and easy upgrades to make on a daily basis, and these little shifts added up  to make a HUGE impact on how I felt.  She worked with my lifestyle and preferences (no lecturing or soap-boxing), and I was able to incorporate these minor tweaks that very day and feel virtually immediate results. I have noticed increased energy, and my headaches are gone!  I can’t recommend her enough.

Carlsbad, CA

I want to sincerely thank you Emily! I am finally starting to loose weight. You have no idea what this means to me as I have been trying so hard to lose weight & nothing ever worked.

I like eating like this…I don’t feel deprived. I am not hungry–if I am I know I need to eat something! My doctor obviously does not understand my condition at all as he simply told me to eat fewer calories even when I was only consuming less than 1400 & exercising daily & not losing a single pound.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you & your knowledge regarding my situation.

LeeAnn, Spokane, WA

My health is finally good! I feel proud of myself and cautiously optimistic. There are many factors that we have built upon and a clarity I feel to commit to my health. 

I can say that I’ve had cycles this year of feeling so much better than I have in years; when I come back to focus and commitment, I feel good!!  So I am hopeful and so appreciative of your help; especially at a time when I needed tenderness, holding and to be reminded to stay connected to GRACE!

Thank you Emily; you were the perfect person to support and guide me.

Renee, CA

I had never worked with a nutritionist or holistic health counselor before but came to Emily when I was at my wit’s end with adult female acne and did not want to go onto Accutane. Emily made my consultations feel like a normal conversation, not intimidating AT ALL. She listened to my history of symptoms patiently, set me up on a gut-healing regimen to address my acne, and checked in with me to gauge the progress.

I would 100% recommend working with Emily to anyone looking for more energy, clearer skin, to beat bloat, create a healthier lifestyle, or even to address more serious conditions and concerns- her knowledge base is extraordinarily broad and she has an ease about her that will bring healing and balance to your life and health!

This is one investment in your health that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


San Diego, CA

“I am so pleased to be working with Emily and her knowledge and encouragement. I know Emily lives out her own health advise and those benefits speak loudly to me.

I have waited many years to find someone who could counsel me back to thyroid health, even through the discouragement of medical doctors.

I know that the Lord has finally crossed our paths for my victory over synthetic hormones and also a whole new healthier lifestyle.

Even though we are miles apart, I highly recommend Emily as a devoted, knowledgeable and joyful holistic health counselor. It is very apparent that she loves what she does. ”


Salmon, ID

I participated in the six weeks wellness program with Emily, and it was amazing. I originally was interested in eating healthier but I learned that and so much more.   

She taught me many ways to help my whole way of life improve.

We looked at things such as resting well, setting boundaries on screen time, exercising, maintaining and recognizing healthy relationships, all in addition to learning how to make better food choices. Finding a healthier way of eating had the biggest impact on me but learning so much more was an unexpected bonus.

I would highly recommend Emily. She was very easy to work with and allowed time for whatever questions that I may have had.  I especially valued that she helped me set realistic goals and was a great encourager, as I made tiny but important steps along the way.  I am very thankful to have been introduced to Emily and all that she shared with me. “


Bozeman, MT

I was 28 years old when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.  Dr. said, “Here is your prescription for Synthroid, get used to the medication you will be taking it for the rest of your life.  There is no cure for your disease.  Your immune system is just attacking your body—it’s just one of those things, no one knows why… Good luck.”  I left home with the pills and three years later I met Emily! I came to her with a “non curable disease,” and embarrassing digestive issues that I had been dealing with for a really long time.  

Six months later, through Emily’s guidance and long conversations about gas,(yikes!) I left with a healed digestive system, a functioning thyroid, and a healthy immune system.  I am medication free!!!  I will forever be grateful for what Emily has done for me and for her inspiring ways that has lead me to great health.


I never knew that what I was putting on my plate every single day was making such an impact to my overall health. I thought that the brain fog, the poor digestion and inability to get a good nights sleep were all just a part of getting older.

As I sit drinking my morning smoothie, I am reminded of how far I have come in the past year. As I started down this path to wellness, I realized just how little I really knew about nutrition. No one teaches you how to shop for organic vegetables, or read ingredient labels. No one ever taught me that dairy might not be a beneficial food for my body, or that gluten could be making the inflammation in my joints much worse.

Over the past several months I have embraced Emily’s philosophy regarding just how much power I have to feel good in my body with every food choice that I make. I now understand how important quality, healthy ingredients and non-GMO foods really are. Now, I frequent the local farmers market, and prepare my food fresh daily. I feel better, and know that I am still just scratching the surface of how amazing I can really feel. Thank you Emily for your help and support through this process.”

Gerry – Idaho Fall, ID

Now I am feeling like the happier and healthier version of myself that I always remembered.

My life has changed dramatically since I started working on my wellness goals with Emily. I had was curious as to what food sensitivities I had, and how they were affecting my body and after meeting and working with Emily it became very apparent. I was sensitive to both gluten and dairy, and I felt a million times better when I avoided them.

Emily made working around these food sensitivities not so overwhelming and not I don’t miss those foods at all. I have traded in the gluten and dairy for much healthier upgrades and notice the difference from the inside out.

Through learning what supplements were right for me, and making gentle food upgrades I was able to get my life back. The greatest reward from all of this is being able to share my experience with my friends and family who have seen the drastic changes in me, and to inspire them to take their health to the next level too.


San Diego, Ca

Before I met Emily, I was a strict vegetarian for most of my life. I had not eaten animal protein in 20 years and I did not feel good physically or mentally. I was tired. I was feeling exhausted after work, mentally sluggish, and I could tell my body was depleted. I was addicted to caffeine, and was incredibly frustrated that I didn’t have the energy I once did. Emily lead me through the process of running labs, and checking important levels such as my thyroid and vitamin D and cortisol. As she treated me for protein deficiency and adrenal fatigue I started to feel better immediately.

Emily’s knowledge, assessments, and guidance throughout the program really gave me the support I needed to make life altering changes. I resonated with her approach of making slow and steady lifestyle and dietary suggestions. Thank you Emily for giving my energy back. I feel like a new woman and am grateful for the chance to work with an expert in the field of nutrition.


Alpine, CA

I came to Emily unsure of if I would learn much NEW information, as I have studied nutrition and natural healing extensively.

Not only did Emily provide wonderful new information, but she highlighted many areas in my life and diet that I didn’t realize were lacking.

She is a beautiful soul and a delightful teacher.


Moscow, ID

Working with Emily has completely changed my life!

I was suffering from digestive issues, I had no energy, I had pains in my abdomen, and for lack of a better word – I just felt “blah” and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I had been in to see my doctor on 2 different occasions only to be told, after running a battery of tests, that I was fine and what I was feeling was apparently “normal”, but I just couldn’t accept that diagnosis.

After just one session with Emily I knew this work was completely different than anything I had ever been exposed to. She not only made dietary recommendations (which I expected going to see a nutritionist and all), but she also gave me a handful of customized lifestyle recommendations that were focused on my physical and emotional well-being. I went home and followed her protocol to the “T” and in just ONE WEEK I was truly feeling better than I had ever felt in my life! I

Everywhere I went people were asking me what I was doing? In about 2 months my skin was glowing, I had so much energy and focus, the pains in my abdomen were completely gone, my digestion was working like clockwork and I had lost about 20lbs – effortlessly!

I was so inspired by the work I had done with Emily that fast forward to today, I work as a health coach. I had the motivation to quit my job (which I was miserable at), changed my direction in life and opened my own holistic health business in the effort to help others in the same way that Emily helped and inspired me. Emily still remains one of the most supportive, motivating, caring and inspirational people in my life. I am so grateful for having made that decision to go into her office that one fateful afternoon many years ago, as she has without a doubt proven to be one of the most profound influences in my life. Thanks Emily!


My appointment with you was nothing short of miraculous. I had a realization that since my hospitalization in January I have been living a fear based life. Fear of dying was preventing me from living— my world was getting smaller and smaller.

I was a survivor but had lost the energy and spirit to move beyond my illness into the realm of health. She helped me reconnect with my inner “Warrior Woman” and served as an example of someone who truly lives a Whole life. Her energy, laughter, generous spirit and  her understanding of me are empowering.

Without actually saying the words she conveyed a message to my heart. I clearly saw that things in my life were falling apart so that they could come together more perfectly. I’m so grateful to the Universe for putting you in my path to guide me on this exciting new journey into health!!!


Emily Potter has been an amazing and invaluable addition to our wellness clinic.  

We have many families in our practice that are on a journey of healing or are just looking for support in understanding the why and how to make specific lifestyle and dietary changes for their families.  This can be extremely overwhelming for many.  As a practitioner it is always refreshing and somewhat rare to find another practitioner who is not only open to working cooperatively and collaboratively but is also very fun to work with.  

Because of Emily’s openness, kindness and clinical knowledge we are able to have better clinical results and better outcomes for the patients!  As a practitioner of almost 10 years in the field I have learned from Emily and I feel very comfortable referring my practice members to her daily!  I even refer my own family members to Emily!

Dr. Amy Spoelstra

 I feel good and my energy is much better. Thank you Emily and NourishMint Wellness for your amazing work and I really appreciate your personal attention.

Emily is on top of her game. Her wellness workshop about Candida Cleansing was amazing. I learned so much about how to adjust my nutrient and supplement intake for optimal energy, well being and balance. Upon finishing the 6 week candida cleanse, I’m savoring a piece of dark chocolate and life on the 80/20 regime is good!

Joe- Moscow, ID