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My philosophy is all about meeting YOU exactly where you are TODAY and taking baby steps from there with gentle dietary and lifestyle ‘upgrades.’ This is the secret to incredible transformation that actually LASTS.

Equinox Detox

Nourishing | Restorative | Energizing

Embark on a revitalizing 7-21 day detox journey that promises to rejuvenate your body and refresh your mind. This program, featuring a carefully curated 3-day juice cleanse, aims to reset your system, promoting detoxification and renewal. Experience a transformation in your overall well-being as you nourish your body with nutrient-dense juices designed to flush out toxins and boost vitality. 

Equinox Detox Guide book includes: Meal Plan for gentle and effective detox, Detox juice recipes, Detox suggestions and lifestyle skills for deeper detoxification, Inspiration and motivation, Accountability support


  • Comprehensive 3-book to guide you through a 7-21 day detox
  • 3-day  Organic Cold Pressed Juice packages (each package includes 6 x 16oz juices) *optional

Ignite Life Project

Created by Dr. Ali, Naturopathic Doctor and Emily, This concierge comprehensive wellness program is designed to address various challenges faced by women, including stubborn weight, increased signs of aging, overwhelm, stress and BURNOUT.

This program is 3 months and includes personalized video calls with both Dr. Ali and Emily as well as online program materials.

The program recognizes struggles with feeling tired, overwhelmed, and unhappy with weight, as well as aging concerns, life balance issues, restless nights, and challenges in maintaining a healthy diet. 

    Food Freedom

    Join Dr. Ali and Emily in a transformative 6-week Food Freedom Group Program. With 30 years of combined experience in wellness, they bring clinical nutrition insights and a holistic approach to naturopathic medicine, hormones, and busy lifestyles. Navigate conflicting nutrition advice, address chronic health conditions, and embrace positive lifestyle changes at your own pace through flexible video sessions. This unique program promises to radically improve your health and happiness by correcting imbalances, exploring exciting foods, and fostering positive changes for a thriving life.”

    • 6 x 60 minute videos that you watch weekly over the course of 6 weeks
    • Program materials and e-book
    • Supplement protocols
    • Menu Planner

    The DIYcleanse

    Created by Emily Potter and Tenley Leopold, the DIYcleanse, a revolutionary 7-day detox experience designed for those who want to cleanse without compromising their lifestyle. Unlike traditional cleanses, our DIY Cleanse won’t interfere with your travel plans, favorite workouts, or leave you feeling tired and hungry.

    Get RAW, get JUICY, get CLEAN, and jumpstart your cleanse today!

    • Cleanse Workbook: A user-friendly guide tailored for the on-the-go individual, providing simple and clear instructions to make the cleansing process easy and manageable.
    • Easy Meal Plans: Access to straightforward Paleo recipes that are customizable to meet individual preferences, ensuring flexibility for various dietary needs.
    • Grocery List: Simplifying the grocery shopping experience by providing a hassle-free list, so you can quickly grab what you need without the stress of meticulous planning.
    • Recipe Book: A collection of favorite recipes to support you beyond the 7-day cleanse, encouraging a continued journey towards feeling awesome
    • Food Upgrades: Emphasizing a positive approach by focusing on adding nutritious elements rather than strict elimination, making the cleanse a journey of nourishment