40 Weeks of your {healthy} Pregnancy


40 weeks of your {healthy} pregnancy is a step by step, week by week wellness program for the expectant mom. If you are finding this information and are already several weeks into your pregnancy, it’s okay! You can still start TODAY and I promise will learn so much for the remainder of your pregnancy, and what you need to know for postpartum!


Did you know upon conception, your body begins to create your baby and that requires materials and energy? Your body is the sole source of these materials and energy. It is critical that you are getting the vital nutrients that you need, and that baby needs.

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Pregnancy is an amazing and exciting time, but it can be incredibly overwhelming.  I created this program when I was pregnant with my second child. Each week I filmed a 5-minute video of what I was doing, what I was eating, what I was reading, and what I was thinking about and created a very comprehensive holistic program rooted in clinical nutrition. I will hold your hand through the exciting stages, and the scary stages giving you tools, ideas, and suggestions to make this pregnancy a beautiful and healthy experience.

You will learn my favorite pregnancy recipes, superfoods, ways to combat morning sickness, smart ways to gain those extra pounds, and how to satisfy your never-ending hunger!

This program includes 40 videos to guide you week by week through your journey or pregnancy along with a 65-page comprehensive ebook to go along with the video program

This program was designed for moms who want a holistic perspective when bringing a baby into the world. From nutrition tips, guided meditations, designing the birth plan you desire, and dealing with pregnancy ailments such as morning sickness, headaches, and mood swings in a natural, and holistic way.

You will learn:
What foods you should be eating, and when throughout your entire pregnancy
What foods you should consider decreasing and avoiding
How to supplement throughout your pregnancy
Tips for morning sickness, mood ups and downs, stress
Learn how to boost your immune system while you are pregnant
What snacks are ideal for a pregnant woman
Smart recipes that are simple, fun, and delicious
Suggestions on how to keep blood sugar balanced throughout your pregnancy

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