Calm is your Superpower 8 week Whole Life Makeover

$4,500.00 $1,900.00



Calm is your superpower is a concierge and comprehensive wellness program. Dr. Alisun BonvilleĀ  (ND) and Emily Potter (FDN-P) will guide you through this whole life makeover to transform you into the person you know you can and should be. The first 4 sessions are focused on supporting your wellness goals on the inside and out. We focus on hormone balancing, adrenal fatigue, sleep support and lifestyle techniques to take the edge off and get you feeling energized and empowered. The second 4 weeks dial into your greater purpose, your holistic self including mind/body/spirit and will support you in finding and offering your true gifts to the world whether that is in motherhood, career, friendship and relationship, spiritual or personal development. Calm is your Superpower is a LIFE changing program that requires you to show up, for yourself to become the best version of yourself.


The program includes 8 sessions customized to each client’s individual needs. The program also includes:

Handouts and program materials

Supplement protocols

Lab review and additional lab testing if needed (labs paid separately)

Unlimited email support for 8 weeks

Pantry upgrades

Recipe ideas and meal plans




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