Initial Wellness Consultation


60-minute wellness consultation.

Review of complete health history, supplement protocol, and action plan included.

Includes a review of your wellness goals and concerns, and a strategic nutrition plan targeting those specific goals. We will do a review of your health history, and you will leave the session with a detailed plan of action, appropriate handouts, links to suggested items, customized dietary and lifestyle upgrades and possibly a few suggested supplements aimed at getting you closer to your wellness goals.


60 minute Initial Consultation for new clients!


Session includes Includes:
10 step Action Plan and notes
Customized supplement protocol
Grocery shopping list
Informational and Educational Handouts

At the first appointment, we will we will discuss health concerns and prioritize your health goals. I will gather information about your health history and together we will discuss a game plan to jump-start your path to wellness. You will be asked to bring any available blood work results and the supplements you are currently taking. Based on the information you provide, we will develop a plan and protocol moving forward. For most people, this means the 3-month wellness program.

This consultation is typically 50-60 minutes long and is done via video conference call.


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