Powerhouse Wellness Juice Shot Sample Pack


Concentrated. Powerhouse. 2 oz shots that will UPLEVEL your energy, your vibration and your life!

Sample pack includes 3 x 2 oz shots. You can choose one of each, or select your favorites!

Anti-Inflam Bam Bam:

Turmeric • Ginger • Strawberry • Blueberry • Orange • Black Pepper

Metabolic booster juice shot

Lemon • Ginger • Green Apple • Celery • Cayenne

Happy Tummy + Immunity

Turmeric • Ginger • Pineapple • Apple Cider Vinegar • Lemon • Coconut Water




Now offering SUPERPOWER juice shots!

It’s time to get concentrated…

Need some extra energy or some help with sore joints?

Big trip coming up?

Or looking to boost your immunity?

Or ready to bump up your metabolism!

I’ve got you covered with that just-shot add-on!

This is not your normal juice shot. These 2 oz shots are PACKED with nutrition. These juice shots are a great way to give your body super potent, supercharged ingredients of what it needs to fight inflammation and boost your immune system while providing a burst of energy.

1) Anti-Inflamm Bam Bam

2) Metabolic Booster

3) Immune Boost

Health benefits of ginger + turmeric

  • Great for fighting inflammation. Every ingredient in this shot (yes, including black pepper), are full of compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Supports your immune system. This juice shot contains loads of antioxidants and vitamins that can enhance the immune system, plus fight harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Naturally and safely boost energy levels. While most of the ingredients in this recipe contribute to boosting energy, oranges and ginger are especially proven to be high-energy foods.


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