Food Freedom Graduate Program

Food Freedom Graduate Program

This program has been uniquely designed for Food Freedom Graduates Only. For the first time ever, Tenley and Emily are taking on 2 on 1 coaching clients to obtain deep and profound results and healing. This is designed for those of you committed and prepared to take your health to the next level with focused clinical attention on your health concerns, and wellness goals. While Food Freedom lays a significant foundation to your overall health and relationship with food, this graduate program will be geared to deeper health issues, weight loss, and hormone balance. These video sessions make it feel like you are meeting in person, and will be customized and will include ongoing support, and guidance as you set goals and continue to make sustainable changes to improve your health and happiness. This program offers an opportunity to run specific lab work to support hormonal balance, the adrenal glands, thyroid function, food sensitivities and GI repair. This personalized program with 2 on 1 coaching will radically improve your health and happiness.

Your graduate program includes:

6 sessions. (4 with Emily. 2 with Tenley)
Session are 50 minutes each
Email support from BOTH health practitioners between sessions for 3 months
specific information and handouts regarding your health concerns
recipes that are healthy and simple to prepare
support in setting and accomplish health goals
reduce stress
work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
understand blood sugar balance and reduce sugar cravings
increase your energy levels
discover the confidence to create the life you want

Investment in the program: $1499

{All Food freedom graduates get a $300 coupon to use towards this program.}

Food Freedom Clinical Session

This package is only offered to participants of the 6 week Food Freedom online wellness program. This clinical session is designed to customize you wellness protocol and take your health to the next level. It is for someone who is struggling to find balance hormonally, for someone concerned about food sensitivities, or for someone who can’t seem to loose those stubborn pounds. We will work together to uncover the root cause of your health related concerns. Uncovering these hidden stressors may require lab work or the reviewing of current labs that you may have. Based on the information you provide and your wellness goals we will develop a nutrition therapy plan that will create lasting change.

60 minute in depth consultation
10 step action plan to get you feeling better fast
Customized supplement protocol
Review of clinical lab work
Suggested labs will be advised and shipped to your door
(for labs ordered: 30 minute follow up session to review labs and deepen action plan)
Appropriate Informational Handouts

The normal investment for this package is $200. All Food Freedom participants get $50 off!

Labs offered:

Each lab requested is $50 for shiping/handing of the lab. This also includes a 15 minute results and ‘check in’¬†session with Emily.

Food Sensitivity Test (MRT by Oxford). 80 foods for $199 (to be paid to the lab via cc)

Learn your BEST Foods. MRT is the only sensitivity blood test in the entire world that quantifies the degree of the inflammatory response in sensitivity pathways. This test will identify foods with the highest degree of reaction (food sensitivities but will also identify the foods that have the lowest degree of reaction which are the best foods for your body! This tests for 80 food sensitivities, including the wheat, cows milk, egg, soybean, and corn.

Adrenal Stress Profile. (BioHealth Labs) $198 (to be paid to the lab via cc)

This test includes 4 tests of the cortisol rhythm, DHEA-S, as well as a complete hormone panel including progesterone, testosterone, estradiol, estriol, and melatonin. This profile is used to evaluate the adrenal glands and hormone balance. In the event of adrenal exhaustion and imbalances in the reported hormones, underlying causes must be determined through additional lab testing and investigation into environmental and lifestyle factors; while also supporting the endocrine system with therapies and lifestyle modifications.

Other labs available per your request.