Cancer Prevention and Cancer Recovery Suggestions

Cancer is a very scary word, and sadly impacts so many people. We all know someone in our lives that we love who has been affected by cancer. This month, cancer hit close to home for me, and many family members of my very close friends. I have dedicated every spare moment to research, seeking information, understanding, and finding smart resources to fight cancer and support others. I wanted to share my collaboration of research in my new blog post about the smartest ways for cancer prevention and cancer recovery. My favorite tip is the very last one- “Don’t kill the messenger.” To often we reach for the quick fix, the pill, or whatever will make problem or symptom disappear. With any ailment, and especially cancer the body is crying out for attention, support and love. I hope these tips are helpful to you, and I ask that you share them with your loved ones who have been affected by cancer.


Eat and live close to the source:

Take an inventory of the food and products you use in your life. Attempt to buy local, organic foods.

Upgrade what you put ON your body and IN your environment:

Switch home cleaners, soap, shampoos, toothpastes etc. to non toxic alternatives. Get rid of Teflon pans. Avoid using the microwave.


Breathing is the single best way to alkalize the body. If you are stuck inside all day make sure to get out of your home/work place and get out in nature. Oxygen heals and regenerates the cells.


Water ss the 2nd most important fuel after oxygen, especially with cancer it is vital to consume the cleanest source of water possible. Carlsbad Mineral Spa water is the highest quality water available in the area. Drink16 oz room temp water with juice of ½ lemon upon waking daily.

Think Nutrient Density:

When you dish up your plate, add in food that is ‘nutrient dense,’ and FULL of vitamins and minerals. Organic fruits and veggies, superfoods, grass-fed meat, ghee, avocado, pastured egg yokes and beef liver are some excellent suggestions.

Juice daily:

Juicing is an easy way to get lots of nutrients into your system fast, and is a refreshing way to start your day. Apples, carrots, lemon, cucumber, beet and ginger are my favorite.


Rest is vital so the body can perform its own defensive and reparative tasks. If you are having trouble sleeping explore soothing teas like chamomile, valerian root, or any other natural sleep aid.

Digestive Health:

When digestion is not optimal we are not able to extract and assimilate vitamins and minerals. GI health is supported by eating high quality whole foods and supplementing with a Probiotic.

Reduce Stress:

If the body is in flight or fight mode, cortisol is overused and the body won’t be able to allocate energy to regeneration. Create space in your life to take time to relive stress and breathe.

Eat your greens and stay alkalized:

Consume 2 serving daily. Smart greens include broccoli, brussels spouts, cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, kale, carrots pumpkin, squash, yams, beets, celery, bell peppers, radishes (daikon), garlic/onion. Juicing veggies can support deep cleansing of the body and provide well needed enzymes.

Go Organic:

If you aren’t already buying all of your fruits and veggies organic check out the clean 15/dirty dozen list to find out the most important things to buy organic.

Drink Alcohol in moderation:

Alcohol is very acid and can be a way of ‘masking’ stress and anxiety

Test your pH 4 times each year:

This proves that you have control over your pH and how you feel physically and mentally.


Avoid white sugar and chemical artificial sweeteners. Upgrade to honey, maple, coconut sugar or stevia.

Vitamin D:

Helps regulate cell growth which goes astray in cancer. If you live in a sun based climate get ten to fifteen minutes of sun screen free exposure on the whole body four times a week. In higher latitudes eat greater amounts of oily fish like salmon or take supplementation 1,000-2,000 daily units.


This is potent cleaner as they remove radiation residue, support the thyroid, alkalize the blood, support the lymphatic system in cleansing, and bolster the liver.


This is the single best natural anti-inflammatory food in the world. It Protects against rapid cell division which is characteristic in cancer. It also aids to support the liver, prevent Alzheimer disease, colon cancer.

Don’t kill the messenger:

If there is cancer in the body, your body is screaming a message. “Something is very wrong.” Listen to this message, and apply it to your lifestyle. Are you taking care of yourself ? Are you stressed out? Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating good quality food? Do you have good self talk? Listen to your body.


The mind is a powerful tool. Embrace a meditation practice, and visualize your body healing. Many people have had ‘spontaneous remission’ or a ‘miracle’ because of the power of the mind, and mind over matter.