Success Stories



My experience with NourishMint wellness has been one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. Because of this class, I feel like I have the tools to be my best self. I thought I knew the basics of being “healthy,” and not only did Emily help me put the general knowledge I had into practice, but she opened my eyes to so much more – a whole new world and lifestyle. Through her help, I have embraced a new passion that I never was aware of! I’m so grateful to have met Emily, and to take part in her wellness program. Since working with Emily, I have embraced a new lifestyle of wellness, and it has profoundly changed the direction of my life. I graduated from college last year, and am now pursuing a career in the health and wellness field. Thank you Emily for your guidance and inspiration! Sierra B, Boise, ID




“I am so pleased to be working with Emily and her knowledge and encouragement. I know Emily lives out her own health advise and those benefits speak loudly to me. I have waited many years to find someone who could counsel me back to thyroid health, even through the discouragement of medical doctors. I know that the Lord has finally crossed our paths for my victory over synthetic hormones and also a whole new healthier lifestyle. Even though we are miles apart, I highly recommend Emily as a devoted, knowledgeable and joyful holistic health counselor. It is very apparent that she loves what she does. ” – Carrie, Salmon, ID





IMG_0186“My life has changed dramatically since I started working on my wellness goals with Emily. I had was curious as to what food sensitivities I had, and how they were affecting my body and after meeting and working with Emily it became very apparent. I was sensitive to both gluten and dairy, and I felt a million times better when I avoided them. Emily made working around these food sensitivities not so overwhelming and not I don’t miss those foods at all. I have traded in the gluten and dairy for much healthier upgrades and notice the difference from the inside out. Now I am feeling like the happier and healthier version of myself that I always remembered. Through learning what supplements were right for me, and making gentle food upgrades I was able to get my life back. The greatest reward from all of this is being able to share my experience with my friends and family who have seen the drastic changes in me, and to inspire them to take their health to the next level too.” Kandice, San Diego, CA





“It has been years since I felt like I had good energy, and I had no idea the food I was now nourishing my body with, played so much into my mood and overall well being. I had been to several different doctors, each one telling me that nothing was wrong and to simply ‘deal with’ my symptoms. Emily set up an intense 3 month program for me, which included gently decreasing the foods that I was sensitive to, and trying new foods and supplements that I was not familiar with. She taught me how to use food as medicine, how to mitigate my symptoms, while this process became a lifestyle. After working with Emily, I feel my energy coming back, and I wake up each day wide awake and with motivation. I no longer have the harsh symptoms from my food sensitivities and I’m not afraid to venture out and try new things. I have regained a passion for life, and to live life to the fullest.” Jessica, Idaho Falls, ID





“Before I met Emily, I was a strict vegetarian for most of my life. I had not eaten animal protein in 20 years and I did not feel good physically or mentally. I was tired. I was feeling exhausted after work, mentally sluggish, and I could tell my body was depleted. I was addicted to caffeine, and was incredibly frustrated that I didn’t have the energy I once did. Emily lead me through the process of running labs, and checking important levels such as my thyroid and vitamin D and cortisol. As she treated me for protein deficiency and adrenal fatigue I started to feel better immediately. Emily’s knowledge, assessments, and guidance throughout the program really gave me the support I needed to make life altering changes. I resonated with her approach of making slow and steady lifestyle and dietary suggestions. Thank you Emily for giving my energy back. I feel like a new woman and am grateful for the chance to work with an expert in the field of nutrition.” Denise, Encinitas, CA





“I never knew what I was putting on my plate every single day was making such an impact to my overall health. I thought that the brain fog, the poor digestion and inability to get a good nights sleep were all just a part of getting older. As I sit drinking my morning smoothie, I am reminded of how far I have come in the past year. As I started down this path to wellness, I realized just how little I really knew about nutrition. No one teaches you how to shop for organic vegetables, or read ingredient labels. No one ever taught me that dairy might not be a beneficial food for my body, or that gluten could be making the inflammation in my joints much worse. Over the past several months I have embraced Emily’s philosophy regarding just how much power I have to feel good in my body with every food choice that I make. I now understand how important quality, healthy ingredients and non-GMO foods really are. Now, I frequent the local farmers market, and prepare my food fresh daily. I feel better, and know that I am still just scratching the surface of how amazing I can really feel. Thank you Emily for your help and support through this process.” Gerry, Idaho Falls, ID





“Working with Emily was a wonderful experience.  It was just the shift I needed to set me down the right path toward changing my relationship with food. Through her program of making slow ‘upgrades’ I was surprised how little I missed things like sugar and dairy and how many wonderful foods were available to add to my diet. My body now craves green juice instead of cookies. I feel great, and feel very committed to continuing this lifestyle change.”  Leigh, Durban, South Africa






IMG_5219“As full time yoga teacher, I set up a session with Emily to help me deal with fatigue, headaches, and dizzy spells.  Emily was able to give me practical and easy upgrades to make on a daily basis, and these little shifts added up  to make a HUGE impact on how I felt.  She worked with my lifestyle and preferences (no lecturing or soap-boxing), and I was able to incorporate these minor tweaks that very day and feel virtually immediate results. I have noticed increased energy, and my headaches are gone!  I can’t recommend her enough.” Kelly, Carlsbad, CA



betsy b



I came to Emily unsure of if I would learn much NEW information, as I have studied nutrition and natural healing extensively. Not only did Emily provide wonderful new information, but she highlighted many areas in my life and diet that I didn’t realize were lacking. She is a beautiful soul, and a delightful teacher. ” Betsy, Moscow, ID





Emily is on top of her game. Her wellness workshop about Candida Cleansing was amazing. I learned os much about how to adjust by nutrient and supplement intake for optimal energy, well being and balance. Upon finishing the 6 week candida cleanse, I’m savoring a piece of dark chocolate and life in 2015 on the 80/2o regime is good!  I feel good and my energy is much better. Thank you Emily and NourishMint Wellness for your amazing work and I really appreciate your personal attention. Joe, Moscow, ID