Should I take supplements? This is a question I get almost every day from clients, and the answer is YES. I wanted to share this very informative blog post by my friend and fellow nutritionist Chassie Bell from Forkin Healthy. This is clear, concise and gives you all of the information you need for when it comes to supplementing.

Why should I take supplements? 

The short answer is that it’s almost impossible to get all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins we need from our food these days. The quality of our food has declined along with the quality of our soil leaving us depleted and craving nutrition. A lack of essential vitamins will show up in how we feel and what we crave.

By supplementing you can help your body get what it needs so it can turn around and give you the energy and life force you need to tackle your day, strengthen your immune system and give you super powers…ok maybe you won’t have literal super powers but it really is amazing how great you can feel after drinking a green juice.

The below list a guide that you can use to pick and choose what you feel you need in your body. You don’t have to take every single vitamin every single day. Listen to your body and how you feel and go from there.



Multi-vitamins are a great way to get a variety of vitamins all at once. If you do one thing I would recommend starting here.


Paradise Herbs Earth’s Blend. Packed with Minerals, Greens, Probiotics and Herbs! This stuff is the BOMB but it will make your pee neon so don’t be alarmed.

New Chapter for Women and for Men. Organic and made with whole foods so it absorbs easily into your body.



Our bodies are super depleted of minerals – especially if we are stressed so it’s important to add them back in. These will help give you good energy to power through your day.


Ortho Molecular MultiMin

Trace Minerals: Easily added to water

Cell Food: I swear this stuff makes me run faster and jump higher.



Fish Oil is fantastic for keeping our brains vibrant, our joints lubricated and our moods positive. But not all fish oil is created equal and here are my faves:


Green Pastures Butter / Cod Liver Oil: The Mega Good stuff right here!

New Chapter Whole Mega: Pure Wild Salmon Fish Oil.

Barlean’s: Great for kids, adding to yogurt, salad dressing and just squeezing it in your mouth will work too.

Barlean’s Flax Seed Oil featured in this great recipe!


I cannot express enough the importance of getting enough greens in your diet. They are crucial for energy, detoxification, alkalizing your body and giving you an overall feeling of awesomeness.


Paradise Herbs Orac-Energy Greens: I love this so much that I have a container of it in my disaster kit! The ingredient list is a mile long (in a good way) that includes greens, medicinal mushrooms, antioxidant support, sea veggies and herbs to keep your organs functioning well.

Heath Force Vitamineral Greens: Another great option if you are just looking for greens.



These bacteria help breakdown food so we can absorb more vitamins and minerals. Not to mention that they help us poop and pooping feels good.


PB8: I love this one because it’s inexpensive, has a well rounded balance of probiotics and it’s shelf-stable. This is great for daily maintenance

Ortho Molecular OrthoBiotic: This is a fantastic probiotic that is great when trying to boost the immune system, fight food poisoning or the negative effects of anti-biotics. Great for therapeutic use.



Vitamin D3: Let’s face it – we don’t get enough of this great nutrient, which fights of moodiness, depression, keeps our immune systems strong and supports bone health.


Premier Labs D3 Serum

I hope that you find this list helpful and feel free to ask me a question by commenting below.
Have fun stocking your vitamin pantry!


Chassie Bell, Forkin’ Healthy