I was ecstatic when the reporter asked me to talk about food and prana. Have you ever thought of food in this way? How much ‘life force’ is on your plate? Is your food alive or dead? Is it filled with enzymes and nutrients, or is it processed and  found in a pretty little box? Read the article below for some tips and inspiration to eat food with PRANA!IMG_8745

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Life Force = Vibrance. Learn how to find PRANA in your diet.

Do you find yourself standing at the grocery store confused at what to buy? Organic, conventional, gluten-free, low calorie, whole, raw??? It’s a crazy world that we live in. For many of us, we are buying our food that has been heavily processed and packaged in pretty brightly colored and brilliantly marketed boxes followed by a long ingredient list on the label of words that we can’t pronounce.

Today I want challenge you to look at food in a totally different way. I have been a nutritionist for years, and this tip is by far one of the best that I can offer my clients. Instead of looking at labels and all of the confusing jargon that goes with buying packaged or processed food, keep one thing in mind. How much ‘life force, or prana’ does this food actually have?

The word Prana means ‘life force’ or the energy that surrounds us. When applying the concept of prana to food, it changes everything. You now look at foods for it’s energy, vibrance and vitality. It’s not rocket science to understand that foods higher in prana are going to make you feel better, more alive, and more energized. It’s simple. These high prana foods have spend a long amount of time in the sun and of course the sun is the source of all life on our planet.

Every living organism on the planet emits something called a biophotons, or low level light. This light energy is believed to be stored in the DNA during photo-synthesis and can actually be measured. This was proven by two German researchers and the ability to measure those biophotons was proven by a German physicist at the Elm Farm Research Centre in Britain.

Prana is recognized world wide- and perhaps explained in different ways in different languages. For example, ancient Chinese sages classified food this way exact way, calling it Qi
We know through modern physics that all life is energy. Food resonates in our bodies in much more than a physical way. It resonates emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

So what foods are high in prana? Think the brighter the better. Nature doesn’t lie, and the most vibrant beautiful foods are typically the ones that are best for you. Brighter color typically means higher antioxidant levels, which will definitely be a food higher in prana and life force.

Here are our tips on how to eat a high PRANA diet!

1. Eat Organic or Locally Grown Foods Whenever Possible.

It’s been proven… organic foods have more prana than foods that have been polluted with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If your body has to work hard to purify the chemicals every time you eat, you’ll feel fatigued and toxic. Locally grown foods are also higher in prana, because they don’t have to be shipped or stored. Think about a blueberry in chili- and the journey it takes to your local trader joes, vs a blue berry you pick in the garden from your own bush.

2. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, and think of food as being either ‘dead or alive.” While the aisles of the grocery store are lined with boxes in pretty packaging, they have zero life force! The only color you will see is ‘added in’ chemicals and additives give the food flavor instead of nutrients and natural flavors.

3. Buy the expensive eggs. There is a big difference between a conventional egg and a pastured egg. You can see the difference in the color of the yoke. Try it! Crack a regular conventaionl egg and an expensive pastured egg side by side. It will blow your mind! The darker the yellow, the higher Omega 3 concentration. You want more omega 3’s in your diet and less omega 6.

4. Choose foods that digest easily. Foods that will aid in digestion and ‘stoke the fire’ of digestion are high prana. It’s all about enzymes that are found naturally in plants and that help the human body break down the nutrients and make them useable. Refined grains and sugars are hard for the body to process. Fruits, veggies and high quality fats are exactly what your body craves, and exactly what it knows how to digest.

5. Eat Fermented foods. These foods are not only much easier to digest, but they are packed with naturally occurring probiotics, support hydrochloric acid production in the stomach, are alkalizing and are all starts when it comes to GI health. We love kombucha, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, and any and all fermented vegetables, coconut kefir etc. (your health food store will likely have a good selection in the refrigeration section.)

6. Drink alkaline spring water instead of coffee, tea, caffeine and soft drinks. Water nourishes the body on a cellular level. Drinks loaded in caffeine and sugar will give you a false sense of energy which impacts the adrenals in a very negative way.

7. Go green. REALLY green. You can start by chugging green juice. But also explore superfoods like chlorella, spirulina and micro-greens. And, we love sprouts. Broccoli sprouts have 50 times as many cancer-fighting properties as a regular head of broccoli.