Yoga + Meditation

Bodhi Yoga

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If you are local to BZN, I occasionally pop on the schedule at Bodhi Farms. Click photo above to view their schedule.
Yoga and meditation emerged as transformative pillars in my healing journey, providing profound solace and rediscovery amidst the depths of grief and loss. Following the tragic airplane crash that claimed the lives of my father and brothers, I found myself shattered and lost.
Yoga became my refuge, a place where I could gradually rebuild both physical and emotional strength. Meditation allowed me to explore the depths of my spirituality and find solace in the unseen dimensions of existence.
Through this new found practice, these disciplines became the tools that not only mended the fragments of my being but also served as a compass guiding me towards a renewed sense of purpose, resilience, and ultimately, holistic healing.

“I have learned the veil is thin”

Through the art of honing the craft, I’ve discovered an inner sanctuary that offers solace amidst life’s highs and lows. I have also learned that the ‘veil is thin’ meaning I feel connected to my higher self, my dad and brothers, and all that surrounds me and supports me in this life.

Body of Glass Meditation

‘Body of Glass’ meditation, my personal favorite, guiding you to reclaim your space and energy, shielding yourself from the negative influences of others while fostering inner harmony.

Happiness Breath ‘Satali’

Satali breath also known as ‘happiness breath’ is an amazing way to get your blood flowing, and oxygen to the brain. This will immediately put you in a good mood!